IQ Option Trading Tournaments - from $1.500 up to $30.000 Prize Pool

IQ Option Trading Tournaments - from $1.500 up to $30.000 Prize Pool

IQ Option Tournaments

Everyone who has registered on the IQ Option platform can participate in tournaments. Accept the challenge and win incredible prizes every month. Boost your skills on IQ Option Tournaments and then use your experience with the real deals.

To participate, one needs to obtain an entrance ticket (ranging from $ 4 to $ 20 depending on the prize pool) and wait for the tournament to begin.

Each trader is provided with a specia $ 10 000 tournament account. Initial conditions are equal.

The tournament leaderboard shows how much money each participant has in their tournament account in descending order. The tournament prize is credited to your real account in the form of real funds.

You are allowed to refill your tournament account throughout the entire tournament.

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IQ Option Trading Tournaments - from $1.500 up to $30.000 Prize Pool
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IQ Option Trading Tournaments - from $1.500 up to $30.000 Prize Pool

How does it work?

Every participant gets a personal account coloured in purple; each account contains an equal sum of money. The tournament account can be found next to the real account, so the participants can easily switch between them.

When the time starts, every participant, as it is declared in a certain tournament, gets from 100 to 10 000 virtual dollars credited to his virtual account. Youll need to have your wits about you at every step.

Only Binary Options are open to trade during the tournament, but that is the only rule applied at the time of the competition. Any assets can be traded on, any investment techniques can be applied and any available resources can be adjusted.

Just remember the basic rule of trading: the bargain can be open for $ 1 minimum. The winner is the person who gets the biggest income from the initial sum. Usually, the prize pool is divided among several winners (from 5 to 30 people). The final number of winners is fixed before the tournament.

For example, "Weekend Treat" divides the prize pool among the top 5, while the "Getting Interesting" tournament has 30 winners.

What does "Rebuy" mean in a tournament?

Some tournaments offer the option of Rebuying. That means a participant can add money to the initial sum for real resources.

For instance, if a certain tournament allows making Rebuys and the initial sum is 100 virtual dollars, a participant can press the "Rebuy" button (next to the current balance), pay an extra $ 100, and have $ 200 instead of the initial $ 100. Everyone can use this option just once at the start of the tournament.

The participant can also unlimitedly Rebuy during the tournament, but only if the sum of the current balance and the income for open positions is less than the initial sum. The minimum price for a Rebuy is the price of an entrance ticket. If it is a tournament with free entrance, a Rebuy costs $ 2. All the Rebuys will be added to the final prize pool.

How can I check my tournament position?

A tournament bracket is available from the very beginning of the tournament. It is crucially important for the participants to keep track of their position in the chart. At any time during the competition the participants can see if they are above or below others and based on this information they can decide on their next steps.

It is not necessary to check your position every minute when the table is updated, as there are tournaments of different duration: from 24 hours to several months.

If a participant takes part in a 24-hour tournament, it is advised to check the results once every hour to choose the right way forward. Sometimes more aggressive politics can be applied, but sometimes its more reliable to go to ground for a while.

During more prolonged tournaments, too frequent comparison may lead one to go astray. Whatever you choose to do, the position in the chart is always displayed in the top right corner next to the current balance to make it easier to understand where somebody stands.

It is recommended that you dont make impulsive moves, as these usually lead to losses. On the one hand, investors should analyze the strategies of the other competitors and understand their way of trading. On the other hand, participants should not allow their competitors to make gains.

The chart showing the leaders will appear before the tournament starts. That is only an example of how the real table will look and how much money the winners will get. Before the tournaments, the leaders are chosen randomly. One hour after the beginning, when the system starts to analyze the participants transactions, the table will be correctly organized and the traders will be sorted by tournament account balance.

How can I collect a prize in the tournament?

If you have taken one of the award-winning places, the sum of the prize will be transferred to your real account. Usually, this happens immediately, but in exceptional cases, it might take up to one hour. If you do not receive the money within one hour, please contact the technical support and they will solve this issue.

As soon as you receive the prize, you may transfer it in any way you prefer: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, e-wallets, WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller, Qiwi bank card, or exchange it for Bitcoins. As a rule, the transaction is arranged in several hours, but there can be delays due to verification procedures if it is the first time somebody is doing this.

The prize pool is determined separately for every tournament and is announced beforehand. For example, the prize pool for "Weekend Treat" is $ 1500 while the winners of "Salary in a Day" may get $ 3000. At the same time, it happens that the sum of the initial prize pool increases by up to 60−80% because of Rebuys that are deposited by the competitors.

According to the rules of the "Weekend Treat" tournament, the prize pool is divided equally among the top 5, but in many tournaments like "Salary in a Day" for example, the profit is higher for the 1st place and is lower for the 9th place.

What assets can I trade during tournaments?

On IQ Option tournaments, one can compete with other traders by using any assets from the "Options" tab. More than 50 Binary Options are available: currencies and currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, binary options, stocks of popular companies, metals, raw materials, etc — a trader can choose a sphere that they find preferable and try to make money on what is more understandable for them.

When investing, it is advisable to check the market timetable. For example, GBP/JPY is available for trading from 3 a.m. to 4 p.m. (GMT-3) while shares are traded from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Please note that OTC-assets (over-the-counter) lead to the biggest profit as well as to the biggest losses. The price for OTC-assets is regulated by brokers.

When arranging a deal, traders choose the periods and the sum of their investments for themselves. Also, traders have the opportunity to open several deals simultaneously. The IQ Option platform provides all the graphical instruments and indicators necessary to fulfill any decision.
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